Friday, April 15, 2005

The New "Dream" Date: A Child Molestor

I wish I wouldn't have to read about these subjects or hear about them on the news. The problem is they're so pervasive lately it's like trying to ignore a wasp in your ear. So I read these awful stories about the latest child abduction, usually a girl, often a teen or younger. I've already discussed the case of the deceased Jessica Lunsford, her unlocked house and busy parents. Parent 1 busy socializing with buddies at the local watering hole. Parent 2 busy living a life minus her daughter in Ohio. Not much has changed in that regard. Which is not to excuse the Child Molestor crowd or the dumb relatives who harbor them. Update on Lunsford case: the victim may have still been alive when the police came knocking at the door of the Child Molestor's sister and her mangy friends. They denied knowledge. Might as well deny common sense while they're at it. Okay, this week's social travesty and childhood horror consists of the Ruskin, Florida girl who disappeared from her home the same Saturday night that her mother's ex-boyfriend showed up at the door after a long absence. He is -- I'm sure you guessed it -- an ex-offender as well. Police are still searching for the girl, with the help of Jessica Lunsford's father and another man whose wife was dating a child molestor before HIS daughter disappeared. I have to they state this in the newspaper ads when looking for dates? Does it make the men more attractive? "Single White Child Molestor seeks attractive female, mid-twenties to mid-thirties, preferably with teenage or younger daughters." I mean, they might as well. The police are aware that these guys are offenders. All it takes is a simple internet search to find out. Or better yet, call the guy's parole officer. They always have the background information in the file! The most recent case (girl still missing, 13 years old) is another whacky one where the parents are clueless. Apparently the 17-year-old brother went out that night, returned at 4 a.m. and his sister was missing. (what the heck is HE doing out that late? And who's the responsible party at home? The girl? The dog? The gator in the backyard?) The mother did not report the girl missing until Monday morning because she thought she was staying with a friend. Huh? She did not speak with her daughter on Sunday after the Vague Saturday night? Is this parenting, or is this a bunch of stupid people occasionally inhabiting the same house together? The ex-boyfriend ex-molestor was busy getting into a bar fight, allegedly attacking someone with a screwdriver, so he was too tied up to make any phone calls, apparently. I am always sorry to hear about tragedies involving kids, because it can happen to anyone, even parents who are vigilant and children whose parents DON'T date child molestors. But. It always kills me to read these background stories about parents who value their children about as much as an old suitcase. They know it's there. Don't think about it too much. Don't assume anyone would want it. Are surprised to find someone stole it. After it had the family name and number attached to it. Why wouldn't someone call and return it? And there were so many memories attached to that baggage. Maybe parents should start treating their kids like a million bucks. Nobody would leave THAT home with the door unlocked. Would they?


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