Friday, April 16, 2004

Crazy Little Thing Called War

It seems our management style in Iraq isn't working too well. We have misjudged the corporate culture, perhaps. But there is someone with experience in doing the job. Perhaps we can hire Saddam to take the helm. We might have to persuade him with perks such as stock options, but we can assure him we'll give him the Weapons of Mass Destruction he needs to do the job. This is no Vietnam. Definitely not. It's much drier. And the Eventual Movies are going to have awful soundtracks. It does occur to me that the rationale we used for the invasion could also be used by, say, China or Russia to invade us. Have we become one of those countries that we have so much disdain for? I know we have good intentions, and all, but that can't be any consolation to Iraqis who have paid for their freedom with dead children. It also makes me wonder...all this money disappearing down a rathole along with American lives...couldn't we have used that money to pay for health care for poor kids over here? Build a few homeless shelters? Who saw this "War" item on the grocery shelf and decided it looked like the Deal of the Week? Last year at this time my brother was in Uzbekistan. Supposedly that former Soviet country bordering Afghanistan has the largest cache of chemical weapons and residues in the entire world. It is kept in barns that are padlocked. Woo hoo! Sounds safe. Now my brother is out of the service and I'm relieved. If I had a relative whose life was in danger in the Middle East I'd be upset. As it is, I'm just dismayed.